Gymnastics And The Power Of Yet

Too often we give up too fast. It is very tempting for our minds to think of our current failures as a symbol of lifelong failures.

However, the truth is that these are nothing but unguided thoughts of the mind. They don’t really carry much value since the reality can be completely in your favor if only you push through while maintaining a growth mindset.

This rings especially true in the world of gymnastics. You see Olympic athletes stunning the world again and again with their wondrous physical skills. They seem to defy gravity and physics while maintaining their grace at all times.

Many of us marvel at the spectacle and stare in awe while thinking to ourselves “I can’t possibly do that!”

But the reality is that these star athletes also doubted themselves hundreds of times throughout their career. It takes the resilience of your mind and the consistency of practice to reach that point. None of them would have made it unless someone taught them the power of yet.

Building A Strong Mindset

To this day, many of us are not aware of this power which can bring a drastic change in our approach to success and our journey of fitness.

Keeping up with the demands of gymnastics is surely challenging. At the same time, this factor can keep inspiring you to reach your goals. All you have to do is change your inner dialogue and put an additional word at its end – “yet”.

For instance, you may be looking at someone doing chin-ups on your first day at the gym and think to yourself – “oh I can’t do that”. Now try saying it to yourself again with the powerful word –  “oh I can’t do that, yet”.

Doing so will automatically remind you that your journey is not over! In fact, it has only started. You do have a long way to go, but being able to do chin-ups without breaking a sweat will become the norm for you one day!

This especially applies to children since they are only building up their pillar of confidence. Teaching them how to convert “failures” into success stories with the power of yet can possibly be one of the best life hacks you can give them!

Keeping this mantra in mind, they will be able to combine perseverance and a positive mindset which is a powerful formula for achieving success in any field. Thus, along with building their gymnastics skills, they will also earn many achievements in life which will boost their confidence and interests even more!

Positive Motivation

Turning each demotivating thought into a motivational one with the power of YET is the secret formula behind the success of many in gymnastics. YOU can also achieve this kind of growth mindset by practicing it. Inspire yourself, your children, and others with this straightforward and easily implemented trick!


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