Preschool Gymnastics

Fostering motor skills, gymnastics and Independent Cooperative Play

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Gymnastics Classes For Toddlers
Ages 9 - 23 Months (With Parent Participation)

Our toddlers class gives children their first gymnastics experience fostering motor skill development, balance and spatial awareness while providing sensory exposures. Parents participate in class to help their toddler with basic tumbling activities and navigate gymnastics equipment such as bars, beam, trampoline and the foam pit.

Gymnastics Classes For Children
Ages 2 - 5

Two-year-olds can get their first gymnastics experience without a parent by their side. Here they’ll develop motor skills on the bars, beam, and trampoline and learn Independent Cooperative Play (ICP) skills such as safety, listening and taking turns. As they progress, three, four and five-year-olds will continue to develop motor, gymnastics, and ICP skills and prepare for the transition to the Galaxy Curriculum.

Preschool Gymnastics For Kids

"My daughter's ability to progress with the training she has been getting at Spirits has been great! She absolutely loves going to gymnastics."

Enroll now @ $69 for 6 your first weeks of class

Our Other Programs

Our programs, coaches and facilities are aligned to meet the highest standards of USA Gymnastics and the Amateur Athletic Union. We help athletes train and thrive in their gymnastics pursuits, be it competitive or recreational.