How To Stay Fueled During Practice

Peak-performance gymnastics require lean, muscular bodies that are fueled by food containing enough protein and carbohydrates to build muscle and supply quick energy. As a young gymnast, you will feel tired and depleted during and after a workout if you don’t consistently replenish the energy you lose during practice.

Here are some healthy snacks you can count on to keep you in top shape so that you can do your very best during the most challenging workout routine.




  1. Banana slices spread with peanut or almond butter: The banana’s potassium will help your body absorb the water you drink during practice, and the nut butter will supply your tired muscles with protein.


  1. Yoghurt: Yogurt (especially Greek yoghurt) is high in protein with lots of calcium to protect your bones and help prevent injury. Dip fruit into your yogurt for extra health benefits! String cheese is also a great way to get extra calcium.


  1. Hummus: is made from chickpeas, which is great source of protein and fiber. Use it as a dip for carrot strips (or any other raw veggie) for extra nuitrition.


  1. Avocado: While an avocado isn’t considered a protein powerhouse, it does have great omega-3 content (healthy fats that reduce pain and inflammation). It also has more than 20 vitamins and minerals and lots of fiber. Spread an avocado on whole wheat bread for a delicious, filling snack


  1. Trail mix: As an excellent source of nuts and dried fruit, trail mix is a great way to supply protein – and if it has some chocolate bits in it, you’ll get a boost of energy too!


Just as importantly, don’t forget to drink fluids throughout the day so that you don’t experience energy-draining dehydration! As a gymnast, you need to drink more fluids than the average young person – especially before and after a workout!!

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