Birthdays, field trips and group functions are super fun at Spirits Gym


Parties at Spirits Gymnastics Club
Super easy and crazy fun

  • We offer gymnastics, cheerleading, ninja and physically active parties for every occasion! Perfect for birthdays, scout troops, field trips and youth groups.
  • Kids love Spirits parties because they have so much fun using the gym and all its equipment, especially the foam pit.
  • Parents love Spirits parties because we do all the work, just show up, have a great time, then head home and leave the mess to us.

The Spirits Birthday Party

  • 1-hour customized party…Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Athletic Obstacle Courses!
  • 1/2 hour in the party room for refreshments and gifts.
  • Each paid participant receives a MEDAL!
  • Party Child gets a T-shirt!
  • Parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • For more information about our awesome birthday parties, call 314-843-3322.

Field Trips / Custom Parties

If you’re simply looking for a fun group activity we can customize a party to suit your needs.  To find out more please call 314-843-3322.

"I love that you aren't just building gymnasts, but good people as well! My daughter has more self confidence since starting at Spirits."

Our Other Programs

Our programs, coaches and facilities are aligned to meet the highest standards of USA Gymnastics and the Amateur Athletic Union. We help athletes train and thrive in their gymnastics pursuits, be it competitive or recreational.