Self talk to help your child get straight A’s

              Easing into a new semester can be difficult. New subjects, new teachers, new obstacles to overcome. It’s very easy to become frustrated or doubtful and your child may not always feel comfortable speaking about it which is why self –talk is so important. Share these phrases with your child it could make all the difference!   • Instead of …  I’m not good at this -Try thinking … What am I missing? • Instead of … I give up – Try thinking … I’ll use some of the strategies we’ve learned • Instead of  … This is too hard – Try thinking … This may take some time and effort • Instead of … I can’t make this any better – Try thinking … I can always improve so I’ll keep trying • Instead of … I made a mistake – Try thinking … Mistakes help me learn better • Instead of … It’s good enough – Try thinking … Is it really my best work?   Let us know if these work for you and your child. Have a Spirited day!

You’re Winning At This Parenting Thing!

You’re Winning at This Parenting Thing No one ever said parenting was easy… but it is, without a doubt, the most rewarding gig we’ll ever have. Our days are filled with countless decisions, saying no” more than we ever thought possible, managing schedules, getting our kids up and moving -even when they resist, and somehow … Continued