Here at Spirits we think we have one of

the best jobs in the world!


We get to:

  • Experience lightbulb moments
  • Be goofy
  • Partner with parents to nurture our future leaders
  • Wear super comfortable clothes
  • Move
  • Praise children
  • Give high fives and hugs
  • Clap
  • Problem solve
  • Dance
  • Reach for the stars
  • Have fun
  • Support each other
  • Sing
  • Develop lasting relationships
  • Be creative
  • Make a kids day
  • Dress up for holidays
  • See the most amazing smiles

We are always looking for other great leaders to add to our staff of awesomeness!  Are you interested in joining us?  Are you up for the challenge?!


Ideal high-energy, responsible candidate places safety at the top of their priority list with being educational and entertaining while working with children coming in as a close second and third.  You must be dedicated to continuing to learn, be reliable, dependable, on time and a positive role model.


If you love working we kids, we have:

  • Tested and successful training programs
  • Positive & Fun Environment
  • Career advancement/Growth opportunities
  • Tuition Discounts
  • Candy
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Chalk
  • Trampolines
  • Squishy mats
  • The Pit!

Start your journey to the most enjoyable and rewarding career by completing our online application right here…

Pre-School Gymnastics * Gymnastics

Tumbling * Ninja Zone * Cheerleading

Events * Parties * Team