Wow!  You are an amazing parent!  You have just take the first step in giving your child an unfair advantage in life!


St. Louis Spirits is 100% dedicated to not only being a positive influence in the lives of our students physically, but emotionally as well.  Below are just a few of the Powerful Words that we focus on with our students each and every day.  We are also a personal development center and are happy to partner with our parents to nurture the very best in every child.


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Self-esteem means confidence and satisfaction with oneself.  When we feel good about ourselves, we can hold our head up high and know that we have awesome skills that can make the world better.  Children with high self-esteem tend to focus on what each person can bring to the table in terms of their strengths.  All of those children celebrating and feeding off of each other’s strengths only tends to lift our entire community up.



Confidence means, “I believe in me!”  Confidence, and the feeling of self-worth, is a combination of trust and assuredness.  Being aware of their strengths yet unafraid of their weaknesses can drive a child’s way of living and help them have faith in themselves – that they will succeed in life!  Confident children are willing to take positive risks, and try new things.  This is important not only in athletics, but even more so in life.



Perseverance means never quitting; sticking with your goals until they are achieved.  Someone’s perseverance is a far more important predictor of future successes than grades or the prestige of their school or faculty.  A reputation of someone who quits is hard to shake, but someone who perseveres and works hard to overcome obstacles is a person others will look up to and respect.  When talking about perseverance with kids it’s important to discuss what challenges are standing in our way, what keeps us going and what the benefits are of perseverance.



Respect means showing consideration, courtesy, and care for someone or something.  Respect is the foundation of every healthy relationship in the world we live in, starting on the playground and carrying throughout life.  Whether it be someone’s property, religion or everyday life, respect is the foundation in our society.  Show other’s respect in life and your children will observe and, hopefully, follow your lead.  It’s important for children to learn to show respect for themselves, their surroundings and for those they admire.


Self Reliance

A self-reliant child tends to rely on their own strengths.  By letting children make mistakes and allow them to learn from them, they learn an invaluable trait that will help them the rest of their lives.  What’s even better than watching a child try something and succeed?  Being a part of their journey, when they have tried something, made a mistake, learned from it and have now found success.  They stand taller because they know they can do it!  They smile bigger because they are so proud of themselves and their abilities!


Enjoy!  And of course, we are always open to feedback.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have.


And if you had a great take away from the report by Dr. Robyn, please feel free to post it in our Spirits Facebook group.  We love to hear how we are positively affecting your life as well as that of your child!


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